Here at McCaffrey House we honor the Earth by observing these GREEN practices.


Tesla and Electric Car charging station.

• Tesla and Electric Car charging station. (pictured at left)
• Have energy efficient lighting and heating.
• Have low flow showerheads, sink aerators and low flow toilets.
• Buy local fruit, produce and meat whenever possible.
• Use non-toxic and least toxic cleaning products and biodegradable laundry products.
• All new appliances are rated “Energy Star”.
• Use Environmentally Sensitive Amenities that are not animal tested, are 100% biodegradable, and have minimal preservatives.
• All printing is applied directly on the bottles with organic based soy ink.
• Encourage guest to hang and reuse their towels and change sheets during a stay only upon request.
• Recycle baskets are in each guest room. Recycle wherever possible.
• Serve pure, fresh water from our well which is full of natural minerals.
• Provide guests with bags to take home their unused amenities and donate those that aren’t taken to local charities.
• Donate used towels and sheets to local shelters and the local humane society.
• Sponsor community, art, theatre, school and athletic events and programs.

This charming b&b is run by the sweetest couple. We had an awesome experience with lots of meaningful conversations. It is in a wonderful area, well furnished, and all around beautiful atmosphere. Tesla charger is what got us in the door but the owners are what will bring us back! Highly recommend.” – Roseville, CA