Visiting Yosemite National Park is an exciting experience, but finding lodging ahead of time is crucial to ensuring you have a maximum amount of fun. That’s why it is crucial to stay in our Forest Studio room at McCaffrey House.

Absolute Comforttwain harte vacation lodging

While all of our rooms are comfortable here at McCaffrey House, the Forest Studio beats them all. Why? It was actually designed as a temporary residence for the owners as the facility was being built. As a result, it was designed to be a comfortable and relaxing place to sleep for extended periods. Anyone who plans on truly visiting Yosemite and experiencing all of its wonders needs at least four or five days.

A Variety Of Amenitiestwain harte vacation lodging

Exploring Yosemite can be a great adventure, but it can also be tiring. That’s why our Forest Studio room offers you a wide range of great comfort amenities. For example, you’ll get a large deck with beautiful forest views, a living room where you can relax and catch some television, a full bathroom, a kitchen with cooking utensils, various cooking items, and even free wireless internet. These items make the Forest Studio a home away from home.

Proximity To The Park

McCaffrey House is about one hour from Yosemite, a distance that has its advantages. First of all, we’re one of the closest high-comfort lodging centers near the park. Closer lodging centers are going to be a bit more basic, unfortunately, when compared to our Forest Studio. Also, being an hour away ensures you avoid the excessive traffic that can occur in the area from time to time.

These many advantages make our Forest Studio and easy choice for visiting Yosemite. Go visit the park during the morning and afternoon, and then come home and relax in true comfort. You simply can’t beat it!