Traveling businessmen or women who own a dog know how difficult it is to leave their best friend behind. Sometimes, you simply have no choice but to bring them with you.

Finding a pet-friendly place while on your trip may be troubling, but if your journey takes you anywhere near us at McCaffrey House Bed and Breakfast, we can help. We are a pet-friendly facility that also offers you a perfect place to relax after your business is done.

Yes, We Allow Dogs!pet-friendly yosemite lodging

For just an extra $25 per night, you can bring your doggy with you on your trip. Our amenities for your pup include a sheet cover for your comforter if they want to sleep with you, friendly staff who loves animals, and comfortable public areas where your dog is welcome to come. Just make sure to bring a leash to ensure they stay under control in these regions.

Other Considerations For Your Dog

While we welcome guests with dogs, we do require a few simple precautions. For example, they need to be clean, well-groomed, free of fleas and ticks and have all their current shots. They should also avoid aggressive behavior and respect other dogs and guests. Beyond that, you are free to enjoy your pup during your stay!

Relaxing Activities

After your business is over, you can relax in your comfortable room, watch television, visit with friendly guests, go skiing, check out the swimming pool, or even go for a walk.

You can even enjoy the fresh air outside of your room by sitting out on the patio with your buddy. There are also many activities you can enjoy in the surrounding areas, so please don’t hesitate to book an extended stay with us.